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Dear Friends of The Simple Living Network,

After 15 years of service, spending most days alone in my humble home in front of a computer, I decided it was time to move on and close The Simple Living Network.

In late 2009 I could see the end in my headlights. Sales were down (hardly anybody bought hold-in-your-hand books any more) and CyberAngel contributions were down (everybody had understandably tightened their wallets). The day was fast approaching when I could no longer afford to keep this website alive and simultaneously eke (eek!) out a modest living.

As such, in May 2010 I began working full time on an organic farm, actually earning a regular paycheck (and benefits) for the first time since 1995. I must say the very physically challenging change of pace, being out-of-doors close to the land, and working with other people made me realize what I had been missing for far too long.

I juggled the new job and The Simple Living Network for eight months. Doing both finally became unsustainable on far too many levels. Something had to give and on December 31, 2010 the doors of The Simple Living Network were closed.

I must confess, that was one of the most difficult decisions I ever made. I never realized how tough really, truly simplifying my life would be. (Hey! I finally practiced what I had been preaching!)

The list of folks to thank for their service to The Simple Living Network is incredibly long. It would be impossible to mention everyone by name. In relatively short terms....

THANK YOU to anyone who ever made a purchase through The Simple Living Bookstore, read or contributed to the Newsletter, and everyone who participated in the Discussion Forums. SPECIAL THANKS to Jonathan Allan, Crystal Cheryl and all of the other volunteer Forum Moderators for their above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty efforts.

THANK YOU CyberAngels! I've said it a thousand times, but it is true, true, true: Without your incredibly generous financial support, The Simple Living Network would have died a long time ago.

THANK YOU to the authors, leaders, activists and teachers who shared so much wisdom and inspiration: Duane Elgin, Cecile Andrews, Carol Holst, Wanda Urbanska, John de Graaf, Linda Breen-Pierce, Joe Dominguez and so many, many others (you know who you are).

THANK YOU to the group leaders and organizations, in particular, Rozie Hughes and the New Road Map Foundation ( who have generously offered to keep the Discussion Forums alive at:

THANK YOU to my Office Coordinators, Editors and Interns: Eric Jorgensen, Debbie Burr, Rob Brown, Chris Lonsberry, Gail Phares, Dave Clarke, Stephanie Irving, Randi Fitch and Jenny Cohen (I'm sure I'm forgetting someone).

Finally, MY DEEPEST GRATITUDE AND HEARTFELT THANKS to Fred Ecks and Ann Haebig who, without being asked and without asking anything in return, saved me from total exhaustion several years ago and took over production of the Newsletter. They have been unwavering advisors, contributors, and most of all, friends (even in the most difficult of times).

I love you all. Keep living simply!

And now, in the words of our friends the dolphins,

"So long, and thanks for all the fish."

Dave Wampler
The Simple Living Network

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